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tv   FOX 11 News at Noon  FOX  February 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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this morning, you saw the big beautiful moon this morning. it was gorgeous. we're going to have big, beautiful blue skies. nice temperatures, not a bad one now. tim? >> very mild temperatures, dry conditions, a lot of sunshine too. 58 for the high later on this afternoon in reno sparks. we're already making really good headway toward that number. 56 in carson city. 51 in southlake. and in elko, you had a little bit of snow shower activity holding into the early morning hours today. that should be drying up through the day. just a small chance of one or two snow showers. the rest of us are dry with northwest winds at 5-10. a couple of high clouds mixing in from time to time as well. there's snow shower activity, holding on into the eastern part of the state. two different stories here. clouds and a few snow showers eastern nevada. the rest of us mainly sunny skies. that includes the sierra as well. the sierra dry conditions at
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52 in reno. that's already close to average for this time of year. we've got several degrees of warming to go here. 50 in gardnerville and 68 in yearington and air quality is still good. i do have a 70-degree day on the forecast. i will show you which one, coming up. >> presidential hopefuls are campaigning in northern nevada ahead of tuesday's caucus. let's take a live look at mark rubio. we're going to be up here on the stage, gearing up for a rally that's happening at 12:30. florida senator held a rally at the elko convention center this morning, and, next, rubio is going to head down to the park this afternoon. dr. ben carson is campaigning in nevada on sunday. he spoke at a town hall.
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just added to his schedule on friday night. about 350 supporters were there. he told them, he's not going anywhere. >> dr. ben carson. >> although he currently ranks last in many polls, republican presidential candidate ben carson assured his supporters in reno sunday he'll continue to fight for his party's nomination. >> right now, it is way too early in the game to give up. >> still, his supporters had some questions about his slip in the polls. >> you were center stage and over the months you gradually moved to the edge of the podium. what happened. what are you doing about it.
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we have got to get rid of this guy. >> when asked by another supporter, carson responded with his thoughts on those who may call the race so early in the nomination process. i know the media would all have you believe that he's going to be the nominee, but i'm not so sure about that. because i think the american people may actually be a little more sophisticated than the media thinks they are. and at some point people are going to start looking for some substance, some real substance. >> still, we asked him if he's worried about trump's lead. >> well, i think that the people will come to understand what's going on. i have faith in the american people. we have 4% of the dell delegates haven't been chosen. >> he said with just five candidates left, he hopes debates will no longer be personality contests.
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gotten the field down, we might actually start talking about policies and solutions because about. >> and that was jamie haden reporting. >> carson currently has just over 6.5% of the votes so far. according to usa today, this morning he held another town hall at piper's opera house in virginia city. ted cruz is spending his state. he's going to be at the reno boys and girls club at 7:00 tonight. cruz also has events planned in carson city. donald trump is going to be in sparks tomorrow. trump has an appearance scheduled at the nugget casino resort. the event begins at noon. doors open up at 10:00 a.m. >> well, the northern nevada community is mourning the loss
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representative seems her death has come at the cause of brain cancer. she's survived by her husband, three children, and three grandchildren. officials say she's a lifelong advocate for nevada's public education system. basically, our newsroom has been flooded with condolences for her. see what harry reid is saying about debbie smith. head over to our website, you can also leave a message there as well. we're learning more about the case of a missing woman out of sever cove. they found carolyn batcher's car. several agencies are working to find the woman that has been missing since last monday. crewscrews are using search dogs. recent snowfall and steep terrain is slowing down the process. carolyn's family says they still have not heard from her. a fire has closed down a restaurant in sparks.
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to the blaze at eggroll king two just before yesterday morning. the restaurant is going to be closed until repairs can be made. sparks fire department is investigating the cause of the blaze. nevada officials say that they have made plans to break apart and move a large boulder that rolled onto u.s. 50 near lake tahoe. amazing pictures. the department of transportation say that the boulder rolled onto the road in the glenn brook area saturday night. not sure the exact time. they say it caused one crash. luckily, to one -- no one was injured. they say they're going to try to remove the boulder today, but work could last until tomorrow. until it's moved. one lane on 50 westbound is going to remain closed. people could get a sneak peek at robots in reno before they're taking to a competition in las vegas.
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up of high school students from around the region. students have had six weeks to build, design, program, and test their robots before competing in an engineering challenge. >> i'm learning so much. this year is my first year on the team. all the members and the mentors from last year were so helpful. they taught me a lot. i was on mechanical, so i got to work a lot in the shop and fabricate some of the parts. >> the kids are excited about themselves and working with teams and mentors and problem solving skills. >> now the students can keep working on the robots until midnight tomorrow. then they have to seal them up in bags and send them to las vegas. the competition is march 30th. good luck. tim cook is thanking his employees amid the fbi probe. plus,. >> i said, you're not the shoot
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i said, are you sure? he said, no, i'm just tired. i've been driving for seven hours. >> this admission after an uber driver guns down eight people. the couple who unknowingly road shooting spree. we'll have a look at your
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we'll be right back. and welcome back. a man has been charged with six counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder in a series of random shootings in western michigan. the accused kalamazoo gunman, one man said he ordered human being to reget off the streets
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family ended up getting a ride from the exact suspect. howard monroe spoke to him. >> this morning, you know, when we were starting to piece it together, it still didn't feel like it was real. >> derrick and his wife were visiting kalamazoo with their in-laws. the location where people were being gunned down in the streets, alleged by by their uber driver. >> then a picture and name was released. we looked at the the uber receipt, and it was his face. >> this is their receipt, just a seven-minute ride costing $5.22. >> what was that conversation like with your wife when you pieced that together is this. >> it was a lot of blank stares, nervous laughter, trying to figure out, did this really happen? police arrested dalton 20 minutes after they were dropped off. >> so he had done all of these shootings before you ever got
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>> does that freak you out? >> yeah. he didn't seem like the type -- our interaction was a basic five-minute ride. i said, you're not the shooter, are you? he said, no. i said, are you sure? and he kind of just said, no. i'm just tired. i've been driving for seven hours. >> dalton has no known criminal history and an extensive background check is done on all drivers. >> felonies, sexual assaults, battery. of course on the driving side too, they're pretty strict about that. >> alex has drove for uber for two years. he said the background check is to ensure public safety and put them at ease. >> it's like people like you and me going to pick up people up. it seems to be a more community involved endeavor, rather than some random person picking
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the service in the future. >> i don't think it will stop us from doing any ubers in the future. >> and that was howard monroe reporting. uber's chief security officer says dalton passed a background check. police say dalton did not have a criminal record. apple's ceo e-mailed his staff today thanking him for his support. tim cook is referring the case of syed farook. he and his wife shot and killed 14 people in san bernardino. the fbi is demanding that apple help break into farook's phone. he's refusing. he e-mailed his staff and said, this is more about a single phone. he said it does not feel right to be on the opposite side of
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freedoms that the government is supposed to protect. apple has until friday to respond to the court order. well, a judge is said to decide today if people in the newtown, connecticut shooting can go forward. 9 families and a teacher who was shot and survived are suing companies who make the ar-15 rifle used in the attack. the federal law designed to protect lawmakers from liability when their guns are used in crimes. since the passage of the protection of lawful commerce and arms act, nearly ever such lawsuit against gunmakers has been dismissed. the wife of bill cosby is going to answer questions related to the sexual assault case against her husband. camille cosby was deposed by
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who have sued her for defamation. this is video of her attorney, he's arriving at court. one of the women filed the suit in 2014. she's accused cosby of sexual assaulting her back in 1970. the supreme court returned to work today in the wake of justice antonin scalia's death. john roberts started the day back with a tribute. he called scalia a man for all seasons and with an irresistible spirit. scalia's funeral took place on saturday. he was 79 years old. a workplace wellness program has become commonplace for committees to make them healthier. it involves giving away something we all love. cash. but is there a smarter way to go about all of this? >> andrew spencer has more in today's health minute.
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and as a result, workplace wellness programs are hot. according to a study published in the internal medicine magazine, companies are offering some form of financial incentive to get their workers to participate. researchers gave nearly 300 people 7,000 step goal to keep up during a 13-week challenge. the study participants were broken up into groups. one got $1.40 for each day they hit the 7,000 step goal. they were entered into a daily lottery. they could only win if they met their goal the day before. the goal received $42 up front with the caveat that participants lost $1.40 for each day they failed to meet that 7,000 step goal. so what did researchers find? the group that was threatened with losing money exercised more. one physician involved with the study said it's all about how
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that our brains are wired to avoid losing things, and we like the gratification of getting the money up front. >> i'm andrew spencer. >> let's take a look at the forecast on this monday. >> we've got mostly sunny skies across much of the area for the day today. generally light winds too. the ridge to happens could get a -- ridgetops could get gusty, but those of us, including lake level, should not be seeing winds. upper 50s in reno sparks and going for the 60s, even 70 degrees by the time we get later on into the 7-day forecast. we have mostly sunny skies. three mile-per-hour winds and 25% humidity here in town. 40s and 50s across much of the area. so temperatures are really pretty mild for this time of year. the average high for reno sparks today is 53. we're at 52. keep in mind, we're going to warm up for a few more hours
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satellite and radar are quiet for central and western nevada as well as sierra. if you look over at the eastern side of the state there's still some very isolated snow shower activity. we actually had rain and snow showers come through in the overnight period across much the area and although they were prettily light in nature. we're still dealing with the unsettled weather on the eastern side of the state, very low chances for any one spot within northeastern nevada to see snow showers, but we have a couple showing up on radar at the moment. it's quiet for us across the area. mostly sunny skies. we have the 10% on the snow shower chance for the eastern side of the state. a little on the breezy side too. highs in the 30s to 40s for the western side. winds 15 miles per hour. 58 in hawthorne. 58 in mammoth lakes. above average for this time of year, by a few degrees, maybe
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47 in tahoe. the ridgetops could get gusty tonight. that's the only place that should see wind. 50s for lower elevations of western nevada. also again into 50s for places like susanville, pretty much everyone at the lower elevations is into that 50 range, including 58 in reno sparks. again, that's about five degrees above average. we'll be closer to the averages tomorrow, which does mean cooler than today. check out wednesday, thursday, friday, and even into the weekend. very warm temperatures on the way back for the forecast. we could even touch 70 degrees by friday and your next shower chance comes around on saturday at only about 20-30%. melissa, back over to you. >> when we come back, how a new report is describing the film industry and how it has a lot of people up in arms. the problem researchers found
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and welcome back. just days before the oscars, a new study is shining a harsh light on the lack of diversity in hollywood. it was released on monday by the social change initiative at the university of southern california. well, the report found that out of more than 11,000 speaking rolls rolls studied, 67% were male. 72% were white. 12% were black, and only 2% were nonheterosexual characters. starbucks is overhauling its rewards program. the goal is to really speed up service at the checkout. under the old program, members
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didn't -- per visit. and it didn't matter how much you spent. the new program is based on how much a customer spends. starbucks expects the customer payouts are going to stay about the same under the new program. transitions happened today. so go ring up a few. before we go, here's one way you can wake up in the morning. with a face full of fresh snow. the toronto zoo posted this video of a giant panda last week. according to the zoo, he woke up to see the snow, got excited. what else do you expect? got out of the cave and rolled right down the hill. he liked it so much, apparently he did it a few times. snow. >> best way to get up in the morning. >> that will wake you up right there. all right. none of that coming our way? >> none of that.
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>> have a good [cheers and applause] [lively music] >> welcome to los angeles, california. welcome to celebrity name game. i'm your host, tv's craig ferguson. welcome. [cheers and applause] welcome to my exclusive downtown l.a. loft. if you look out the window there you see the lights of los angeles. look, there's celebrities s all milling about. hey, george clooney. "hey, craig, what's up?" [laughter]
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and matt versus chuck and chris. i'll get to you guys in a minute. chuck, chris, come on. [cheers and applause] all right, i got it. clearly you guys are lumberjacks of some kind. maybe you go panning for gold or something. >> close, not quite, not quite. this is my little, big baby brother. little, big baby brother, yes. >> okay, yeah, i understand. yeah. yeah, yeah. >> but i'm not that big anymore. i just recently, in the last year and a half, lost about 150 pounds, so... >> good for you, man. >> yes! >> good for you. that is not easy. how did you do it? how did you do it? >> lifestyle change. >> right. >> exercise. you know, just making-- >> you know what i did, 'cause i lost a little weight too. do you know what i did? no animal products at all. i'm like a hippie. >> oh, wow. that's awesome. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, and all i drink is water, and i only eat wood shavings. >> that's it? you look great, you look great. >> awesome. >> well, i wish you good luck today, gentlemen, and welcome. >> appreciate it. >> all righte playing with first. he's the star and creator of


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